Fall 2005 Grant Recipients

Thirteen grants funded. Total amount awarded in this round of grant making: $5,901.

Elmhurst School
Unlock the Mystery of History: Understanding the Civil Rights Movement
Kevin Weaver, Patty Fay – Grade 4

Digital Portfolios: An Electronic History of Student Development in Literacy
Valerie Seveney – Grade 1

Hathaway School
Bees…buzz buzz
Laura Backman – Kindergarten

Melville School
Planting a Literacy Garden
Michelle Polselli, Bryn Weymouth, Denise Webster, Barbara Wright – Grades K-2

Can You Hear Me Now? Listening for Literacy!
Mary Stockard, Karen Heller, Laura Smith – Grades 3-4

Portsmouth Middle School
History of Music Legends
Richard Price – Grades 6-8

Enhancing Visual Literacy Through Technology
Nancy Brandley, Kristin White – Art Department

Portsmouth High School
Web Based Homework Tutorial and Delivery Demonstration Project
David Innis, Elaine Amaral, Jeff Schoonover – Grades 11-12

Starting an Academic Lab
Peter Dugan, Elaine Heller, Tim Coen, Fay Sisson

Listening for Literacy
Elaine Heller – Grades 9-12

Atrium Gallery Guest Lecture
Kristen Heynen – Grades 9-12.

Laura Gavlik, Robert Rutkiewicz – Grade 9.

Parents and Students Together for Senior Project Success!
Julie Bisbano, Candy Frankel, Carrol Feather – Grade 12

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