Fall 2007 Grant Recipients

An unprecedented amount of 23 grants were awarded this year! Total amount awarded in this round of grant making: $14,035.

Elmhurst School
Smart Music Lab
K. Anghinetti

The Glen: A Museum Night
G. Schmidt

Hooked on Hydroponics
L. Phaneuf, E. Magilton

Hathaway School
Magnets, Weather & Rocks – Oh My!
D. Warner

We’re Into Books
C. Divoll, J. Mouradjian

My Talent Is, “I Can Read!”
S. Raposo

Compose Yourself
J. Caromile (Both Hathaway and Melville Elementary Schools)
Senate Legislative Grant

First Grade Memories
C. Divoll

Melville School
To Home and Back Readings
N. Vanasse, A. Walker

Local History Tour
S. Small

Portsmouth Middle School
1776: The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
D. Marcello

Making Positive Decisions
L. Choinski

Taking the Tolerance Tour
H. Baker, R. Finn

World Culture Social Studies
A. Ernest, L. Mello

C. Strakosch
Barton Carroll Foundation Grant

Grammar Games
A. Gerrior

Portsmouth High School
The Real World
M. Sullivan, M. Parker
Portsmouth Firefighters Association Grant

Senior Projects for Posterity
J. Bisbano
Senate Legislative Grant

Record, Assess and Distribute – RAD
T. Rausch, M. Moore
Senate Legislative Grant

The Freedom Writers Diary
C. Feather

Self-Portraits: A Day in the Life of a Teenager
R. Escobar

Algebra – Why and When
M. Prior

Whale Watch Expedition
E. Amaral

Portsmouth Public Education Foundation Portsmouth Public Education Foundation Portsmouth Public Education Foundation