Fall 2009 Grant Recipients

Twentyone Grants funded. Total amount awarded in this round of grant making: $13,346.00.

And congratulations to PPEF’s 2009 Teacher of the Year, Ms. Cheryl DelSanto!!

Elmhurst School
Wading In
Valerie Seveney
Mary Honnen Memorial Grant

Hathaway School
Picture Worth a Thousand Words
Sharon Raposo

Plug Into Reading
Diana Grinnel

Slamming and Jamming
Joan Eldredge-Mouradillan
Senate Civic Support Grant

Pack and Read
Caroline Marino

Curtain Call
Liz King and Grade 2 Team

Kindergarten Center Time
Vicky Flaherty
(Joint grant with Melville)

Melville School
What’s Bugging Us
Donna Combra, Sue Frost, Colleen Dopart

Portsmouth Middle School
Rallying for Respect
Michelle Michno, Nancy Souza, Susan Curley, Kate Mahoney, Francesca Faria
Senate Civic Support Grant

Making Reading, Writing and Grammar Fun
Tanin Tickner

Geometer’s Sketch Pad
Monica Taft, Jodi Agustine, Keri Jardine, Jayne Gardner
NewportFed Education Grant

Portsmouth High School
Hungry for Fruit Loops
Ted Rausch

Geometer’s Sketch Pad
Rose Muller

Lunch in Library
Sarah Hunicke

Integration of IRespond
Janet Kasparian
Senate Civic Support Grant

It’s Your Choice
Megan Sullivan

Majorie Cogar

Listening for Literacy
Kimberly Hancock
Bart Carroll Memorial Grant

Winter Reading Extension
Shannon Booth, Sarah Hunicke, Kimberly Hancock

Can You Hear Me Now
Elaine Amaral

Fantastic Flip Books
Amanda Boswell, Mary Stockard
(Joint grant with Melville)
Melville Parent-Teacher Group Grant

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