PPEF Announces 2010 Grant Recipients and Teacher of the Year

The Portsmouth Public Education Foundation is proud to announce the grant recipients for school year 2009/2010. A total of twenty-one Educational Excellence grants were awarded to the teachers at the Teachers’ Orientation meeting at Portsmouth High on August 31. Congratulations to the following teachers:

From Portsmouth High
Ted Rausch “Hungry for Fruit Loops”

Rose Muller “Geometer’s Sketch Pad”

Sarah Hunicke “Lunch in Library”

Janet Kasparian “Integration of iRespond”

Megan Sullivan “It’s Your Choice”

Majorie Cogar “Yabla”

Kimberly Hancock “Listening For Literacy”

Shannon Booth, Sarah Hunicke and Kimberely Hancock “Winter Reading Extension”

Elaine Amaral “Can You Hear Me Now”

Amanda Boswell and Mary Stockard “Fantastic Flip Books” (Joint venture between PHS and Melville)

From Portsmouth Middle School
Michelle Michno, Nancy Souza, Susan Curley, Kate Mahoney and Francesca Faria “Rallying for Respect”

Tanin Tickner “Making Reading, Writing, and Grammar Fun”

Monica Taft, Jodi Agustine, Keri Jardine, and Jayne Gardner “Geometer’s Sketch Pad”

From Elmhurst Elementary
Valerie Seveney “Wading In”

From Melville Elementary
Donna Combra, Sue Frost and Colleen Dopart “What’s Bugging Us”

Vicky Flaherty “Kindergarten Center Time” (Joint venture between Melville and Hathaway)

From Hathaway Elementary
Sharon Raposo “Picture Worth a Thousand Words”

Diana Grinnell “Plug into Reading”

Joan Eldredge-Mouradillan “Slamming and Jamming”

Caroline Marino “Pack and Read”

Liz King “Curtain Call”

NewportFed sponsored PPEF’s second annual “Teacher of the Year” award. Nominations were accepted in the month of May. Nomination forms were available online on PPEF website and were available at NewportFed’s Portsmouth Branch. PPEF is proud to announce that this year’s Teacher of the Year recipient is Ms. Cheryl DelSanto, a Portsmouth Middle School teacher. She received a $1000.00 unrestricted grant reward from PPEF at the Teacher’s orientation meeting.

Grant recipients from last school year will also get to showcase their projects in the upcoming Fall Social on October 22, which will be held in Green Valley Country Club in Portsmouth. This event is open to the general public and hosts a silent auction to raise additional funds for future grants.

PPEF would also like to welcome three new board members to PPEF: Kathleen Beebe, Marilyn Brockway and John McDaid. PPEF also welcomes three returning board members: Mary Foley, Donna Manning and Deidra Ricci. They bring tremendous talent to our organization and we look forward to a strong future with their contributions.

PPEF is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to improve, promote, sponsor and enhance the educational experiences for public school students. The foundation has awarded 118 grants totaling over $59,800.00 since 2001.

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