THANK YOU Dr. Robert A. Davidson Charitable Fund!

Broadway Cast Photo
Back Row: Mario Cruz, Sara Moore, Peter Evans, James Tallach, Laurie Davidson Spaner, Steve Jounakos, Richard Repetta, Kirk Sanger, Kim Kekligian Stamoulis, Kendra Alati, Pat Murray Front Row: Blake Allan, Michael Johnson, Craig Spaner, Kayla Piccolo

On January 23, the Davidson Family, under the Dr. Robert A Davidson Charitable Fund, held a concert at the Portsmouth High School, “Broadway – From Then ‘Til Now.” Proceeds earned from this event were then donated to the Portsmouth Public Education Foundation (PPEF) to fund grants for the upcoming school year. On behalf of PPEF, we gratefully acknowledge and thank the generosity of the Davidson family and their friends who participated in this great concert. As well as being a wonderful venue for families (the audience was filled with both adults and many children), the proceeds will be a great help this year in funding grants for the worthy educators of Portsmouth. PPEF thanks Laurie and Craig Spaner for producing this concert. We also thank Rosemary Davidson for having us as the recipient of the Dr. Robert A Davidson Charitable Fund.

Along with the rest of the Davidson family, we would also like to thank the following people who contributed a lot of hard work toward the success of the concert: Blake Allan, Kendra K. Alati, Michael Johnson, Kayla Piccola, Richard Repetta, Kim K. Stamoulis, James Tallach, Mario Cruz, Peter Evans, Steve Jounakos, Sara Moore, Patrick Murray, Kirk Sanger, Jane Walsh, Jeff Mandler, Katy Sykes, and Kadie Mercier. I apologize if I left anyone out. Thank you again for your generosity Davidson Family! It will make a big difference in the upcoming school year!

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