Who We Are

The Portsmouth Public Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization with tax exempt status as a 501(c)3 organization.  It was formed in 2001 by a group of concerned leaders and private citizens interested in investing in the education of our children. Its mission is to improve and enhance the quality of the educational experiences for Portsmouth public school students and their school communities at all levels by soliciting funds for school projects and events that would not otherwise be possible and that will foster community support and interest in the Portsmouth Public Schools.  The projects supported are not funded through tax dollars, nor are they financed through the School Department’s operational budget.

Our Educational Excellence grants may be used to purchase project materials, provide off-site educational opportunities, or support curricula goals.  Projects that benefit an entire class or grade level, purchase items of enduring benefit, or engage community resources are encouraged.  Grant eligibility is limited to those projects supporting the Foundation’s mission.  Projects receiving a grant must be completed during the academic year in which they are funded.  Grant awards are announced at the School Department’s Annual Teacher Orientation in August.  These grants are our way of supporting our valuable, creative teaching staff, and honoring their commitment to the children of Portsmouth.

What This Has Meant

Fiscal Year 2003: 8 Grants – $1,515.00
Fiscal Year 2004: 12 Grants – $3720
Fiscal Year 2005: 9 Grants – $3,402.00
Fiscal Year 2006: 13 Grants – $5,902.00
Fiscal Year 2007: 14 Grants – $6,600.00
Fiscal Year 2008: 23 Grants – $14,035.00
Fiscal Year 2009: 18 Grants – $11,335.00
Fiscal Year 2010: 21 Grants – $13,346.00
Fiscal Year 2011: 13 Grants – $8,743.00
Fiscal Year 2012: 22 Grants plus School Upgrades – $23,363.00
Fiscal Year 2013: 12 Grants – $17,526.45
Fiscal Year 2014: 7 Grants – $11,353.34
Fiscal Year 2015: 10 Grants – $11,170.70
Fiscal Year 2016 11 Grants – 15,255.10
FIscal Year 2017 13 Grants – 18,351.98
Fiscal Year 2018 17 Grants – 22,280.94
Fiscal Year 2019 22 Grants – 26,123.39 / 7 Mini Grants – 3,210.00


Board Members

Board Members are volunteers committed to the PPEF mission.  Board Members are required to attend scheduled meetings with regularity.  Board Members provide the leadership and oversight to ensure the success of this organization.

Board Members
President- Jennifer Conheeny
Treasurer- Glenn Zitka
Secretary- Keri Brandariz
Member- Lori Delemos
Member- Nelia Almedia
Member- Jill Watson
Member- Karen Alexander
Member- Jamie Witteveen
Member- Mike McFarland
Member- Sarah Townsend
Member- Beth Heelan
Member- Christina Craft
Member- Victoria Cabral



Volunteers / Advisors / Etc. are people who wish to serve in some ad-hoc capacity.  Volunteers / Advisors / Etc. may wish to serve on a specific committee during the year for a particular fund-raising or community service event.

Our Yearly Calendar of Events

FISCAL YEAR: Our fiscal year runs from September 1st through August 31st

Who We Are